Never Fear, Miles is Here!!!

I am Miles, a 21 year old Media Studies major at the University of San Francisco. Originally from Los Angeles, I have found my niche in the city by the bay. Also a film minor, I have been engulfed myself in the world of cinematography and editing over the past year and a half. I’ve made experimental, documentary, and narrative films, and am also greatly interested in on court/field sports cinematography.

While I’ve shifted gears in the past year or so, I still haven’t given up on my original passion, music. I’ve studied music my whole life, from clarinet to guitar to drums and all kinds of percussion; the latter being my forte. I appreciate and listen to blues, jazz, reggae, classic rock and rap (although anything top 100 disgusts me) (oh yea 50 cent is sooo coool) but nothing does it for me like good ol’ American Metal (i.e. Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Metallica).

Who knows what the future holds? Who knows what is to come? Nothing is certain but death, so in my daily life I try to go with the flow and roll with whatever comes my way. I am starting this blog to keep track of the constant, endless and surely random thoughts careening through my cranium, and to share them with you all. Expect chaos. God speed.


2 Responses to “Never Fear, Miles is Here!!!”

  1. I can appreciate the hate of modern pop top 40. Because its not music. Maybe some organized sounds, but music is more than that–does anyone play an instrument that’s followed by more than the truly dedicated? I don’t play an instrument. but, I’m not too intouch with MTV either. I guess Wyclef is going to be on MTV, he can dig. That’s really tight you got to do the filming for the Music Vid. Are you editing too or doing anymore work on said you weren’t sure what the next step is..still unsure?
    I think ima do our music project on The Sex Pistols, but Judas Priest is still in the running. Let me know what you think. I recently got really into John Coltrane, blues rock.

  2. i’m actually not doing any of the editing, that’s being done by the head honcho’s, alex platt and james kilton. From there, I believe a cut has to be approved by the university, to ease their concerns over ANYTHING shedding a negative light on USF, then off to the record label for approval as well. I’m not sure what if any steps there are after that besides getting it up on youtube and mtv. as for the music project…..tough decision, as it would be for any passionate music listener to choose 1 album to write about…..i would personally lean towards the sex pistols or coltrane. the pistols, i mean they were so significant just in terms of the time when they came out and what they meant to a lot of little punk kids out there and to the industry as well. they had a HUGE impact. however, coltrane is a genius, and today I would say is beginning to slip away from us as time goes on and the younger generation of music listeners gets brainwashed by the clear channel…just depends on which direction you want to go in with it…both would surely make for an interesting paper and there would be more than enough info you could find for both…

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