Wyclef Jean @ USF

[rockyou id=103336844&w=426&h=320]

On Friday Feb. 15th, singer/songwriter/rapper/guitarist Wyclef Jean perrformed to a packed War Memorial Gym at the University of San Francisco. Over 1,500 students came to witness the superb set by Clef, which lasted over an hour and a half.

Earlier in the day, USFtv and contest winner/USF media studies student Alex Platt captured b-roll shots in front of the gym to be used for Wyclef’s new music video for the track “If I were President”. The video is being entirely shot, edited and produced by Alex and the USFtv crew, and will soon be broadcast on MTV. I personally was fortunate enough to oversee the video shoot and to operate one of the cameras during the concert, which was an awesome experience. I finally have a good line on my resume! 

Clef, unlike many other artists of his stature, took time to introduce himself to students involved in the process, and to meet many of his fans/students that came out to participate in the video shoot. Despite waiting over an hour for Clef to get a haircut, the shoot, along with the concert went extremely well. I am proud to be part of such an exciting process. If you are ever inclined to watch MTV, the next few months are the time. Check out a promo for the video here, and stay tuned for the completed vid.


One Response to “Wyclef Jean @ USF”

  1. lauraleigh88 Says:

    Cool pics. I posted some of mine from the video shoot earlier in the day in a set on my flickr.


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