“That’s right people, US citizens have contracted the HIV virus. Stay in your homes, stay calm, authorities have detained the suspects and they are sure to be cleansed and removed. This will not be tolerated…”

Could you imagine? What if there was anti-HIV rhetoric like this in the US? What would the millions of infected citizens feel and how would they be treated?

Well guess what? This is exactly what is going on right now in Egypt. Men suspected of carrying the virus have been captured by police, tortured, and chained to hospital beds to be tested for the virus. Amnesty International has released a statement that follows:

“This not only violates the most basic rights of people living with HIV. It also threatens public health, by making it dangerous for anyone to seek information about HIV prevention or treatment.”

In the U.S., being HIV positive is much more acceptable. Notable celebrities such as Magic Johnson have recieved substantial treatment for the virus while mainting their public image. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus that people living with HIV, such as Mr. Johnson, should be looked down upon or treated as any less of a person. The most important aspect of this story is how others in Egypt that are HIV positive will react to this news. In my opinion, it will only further put a black cloud over what is already an embarrasing issue, consequently putting more and more lives at risk…..but what do you think?


One Response to “HIV AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

  1. lauraleigh88 Says:

    Though we certainly aren’t arresting people, I would argue there is still a lot of stigma in the U.S. I don’t know any facts or figures offhand, but I have heard that a lot of HIV-positive people lose their jobs when their employers find out about their disease — not only because of the stigma attached to the disease of course, but also because of the fact that being ill might cause the employee to lose a lot of work or have low energy, be slightly unreliable, etc. And of course losing a job has all kinds of social and economic implications on an individual’s life. Being HIV-positive can also lead someone’s friends and family to “disown” him or her, which of course would leave the person very isolated and alone. If someone wound up in a situation like this, without friends, family, a career, a place to live, a hot meal… is imprisonment much worse?

    Not saying everyone in the U.S. is this bad… and we are hopefully getting better with increased awareness and education… but there are those cases where having the disease completely turns lives upside down.

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