Blogging in Beijing!


For the first time ever, Olympic athletes will be able to blog about their experiences. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has determined it is appropriate, after years of requests, to allow athletes to blog from this summer’s games in Beijing, allowing the world a new insight into the minds of these superior athletes. Considering new developments in sport culture, the possibilities are endless. A preview of what we might all be fortunate enough to view through web 2.0 this coming summer:

  • A play by play account of a track stars’ steroid injection
  • Reflections from the life of a Romanian curler ( see curling)
  • A video blog or “vlog” chronicling a heated debate between the U.S.O.C. (United States Olympic Committee) and the Chinese-based Olympic catering company, over the safety of Chinese poultry
  • A picture-based blog from U.S. baseball players, who in their last year at the Olympics (for now), will be photographing every injection of Lidocane and vitamin B-12 for our viewing pleasure (see Roger Clemens)

All jokes aside, it should be interesting to read these firsthand accounts, and perhaps compare experiences between athletes of various countries.


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