Going Green at USF

On Tuesday March 11th, the campaign to “go green” continued at the University of San Francisco. Because the city is so unique and there are so many attractions so close to the centrally located campus, the University lacks a great deal of on-campus awareness and involvement. Therefore, it is difficult to get students to pay attention to important issues which may be going on right here in our backyard.

To promote “going green” and the push to recycle in general, the facilities department today displayed multiple bins of trash and signs with statistics about USF’s trash consumption. These facts were certainly eye opening, and I’m sure most people would be surprised to learn the information, such as the fact that USF produces 25 dumpsters of trash each day. Each dumpster winds up at the local landfill.

In my opinion, this type of advertisement to raise awareness on campus is exactly what we need. There is a lot of complacency and apathy in our age group, and we are used to flashing messages and stimuli being right up in our face. Hopefully efforts like these will convince more students to join the fun and go green!

check out the flickr set here, or a slideshow below.


3 Responses to “Going Green at USF”

  1. lauraleigh88 Says:

    I thought this demonstration was really cool too. It’s hard to wrap my head around all the waste that goes into landfills. What’s going to happen to it all?

  2. Yeah Miles! You are sick at the video stuff, hope to see a lot more of this. Also, any leads on future jobs? Are you going to stay in the city or become a traveling media circus like im sorta planning…

  3. lenzbreakr Says:

    I don’t know man…I’m trying to eat 3 meals a day you know? But I’d really like to stay in SF for a while…

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