USF Media Mob: Bloomsday Rising


BloomsdayRising, a San Francisco based alternative rock band, recently played a gig at Mojito in North Beach. The band features former and current USF students, and they have played several shows at USF in the past year.


The gig was part of an SF Weekly sponsored event called “Artopia“. Under Artopia, a competition called “Masterminds” was created, which was designed to showcase work from local artists that don’t recieve much attention or recognition, despite their unique and definite talent. A blurb from about the concept reads,

“Any artists demonstrating commitment and a pioneering spirit to their craft are potential masterminds”.


Phil Lang (USF MFA ’06) moved to San Francisco in 2004 to attend the University of San Francisco’s MFA in Writing program. Armed only with an acoustic guitar and a desire to tell stories, Phil composed volumes of songs during his first months in San Francisco. In early 2005, he and bassist Chris Hansen (USF MFA ’06 / USF MBA ’07) set out to create a band that could live up to the potential of these melodic narratives. After the first (and only) performance of the “Unofficial MBA Band” Phil and Chris united with Fernando (USF MBA ’06) and they immediately found a bond. But they did not yet have a band. It was only when they brought the drummer Kiernan (USF undergrad, ’10) into the mix that Bloomsday Rising was born.For an extended bio, visit:


Bloomsday Rising played a lively and energetic set that at the same time was mellow and melodic. This equates to good songwriting-the material was eclectic, and the close-knit vibe of the band showed in the music. It seemed that the band has played many shows and has their live act down pat.


Check out a live video we took of one of their song “Boy Who Rhymes”…


The event was interesting because it brought together artists of many different styles and genres to an atmosphere that felt more like a friendly community rather than a competition. After Bloomsday Rising performed, the stage was opened up to announce the winners of the Masterminds competition. As the winners were announced, you couldn’t help but smile at the jubilant reactions of the artists. While this event was relaxed and stress-free, it was obvious that there was a significant amount of time and hard work invested in the various projects. It was nice to see people so happy.

Below is a slideshow of the gig.

To view more photos from the gig on Flickr, Click here


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