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USF Artist Showcase @ SF Minna Gallery

Posted in digital journalism, university of san francisco, usf, web 2.0 with tags , , , , , on April 8, 2008 by lenzbreakr

On Monday April 8th, the artwork of former and current USF students was showcased at an event in downtown San Francisco at the Minna art gallery. The house was packed and the music was blasting-a great atmosphere for the opening of an art show. Tons of people turned out to show support for their friends and fellow classmates, and just as importantly, to have a good time.

The work of two artists in particular, Eric Butler and Claudine Lema, was particularly interesting. Butler, a recent USF graduate and former media studies major, uses a style he developed from grafitti art, and also draws on influences from current fashion, taking colors and patterns that catch his eye and transforming them into his own. Eric is an extremely easy going and smooth guy, and his attitude is reflected through the free flowing lines featured in his artwork. Unfortunately, the space Eric was given did not properly accommodate the layout he envisioned presenting his artwork in. The placement and layout of his pieces is essential in order for the viewer to fully understand and appreciate them. However, his work spoke for itself and nonetheless was impressive.

Claudine Lema, a current USF undergrad and media studies major, displayed some psychedelic pieces that got the mind twisting and turning to the beat of the house DJ. Her work is very unique and she incorporates found objects into her pieces as well. Her signature piece featured a naked woman with meaningful words subtly hidden in and around her flowing hair, representing the organic side of humanity. The woman was cleverly juxtaposed against a series of wires and circuitry, representing the mechanical nature of the 21st century. Claudine’s charisma matches the depth found in her artwork, and the messages within her pieces contain elements of her self and entire being that we can all adopt and implement in our own lives.

An event like this just goes to show the amazing work that independent artists and students can create if just given the opportunity and the physical space to display their work. I’m sure Eric and Claudine were very proud of the result, and it was great to see the amount of support and encouragement they recieved from their peers.

Check out the video from the 111 Minna Gallery student showcase below. Then it will all make sense….